Custom and Restored Vehicles

We understand the importance of finding the right person to do the job! With over 23 years of professional glass installations, we have the skill set and attention to detail your looking for.

Mustang Fastback windscreen replacement.

Glass Installations for Custom and Restored Vehicles

We come to you!

Do you have a custom vehicle or have you spent that many an unknown amount of hours on restoring a vehicle?


We appreciate that you have spent so much time and finesse to get your project to the re-glazing stage of the build and that you might feel that if its not done by yourself, then its not done right.


We understand that you might have spent copious amounts of $$$ to get the finish on the paint work the point that you can style your hair in the reflection and its hard to put your faith in someone you do not know to work on your pride and joy.

We know that you looking for a technician that can successfully install your glass without the worry of damaging the vehicle, worrying whether it was done right or if there's going to be an issue with water leaks when it rains or you wash the vehicle.


We understand this because of our extensive experience with custom and restored vehicles and the countless clients that we have given the "smile of completion" on their projects over the last 23 years. Its with this experience and the constant referrals from our existing clients and other windscreen companies  that makes us proud to say that, Calibrated Autoglass has the solution your looking for. 

As we are independently owned and operated, we are not bound by time constraints or the pressure from above to get it done quickly, we take the time to ensure that we get it right, to install the glass and chromes are as it was when it rolled off the production line. We do this so that we can stand back after ward and share the same feeling of completion and accomplishment our clients get. 

Feel free to browse our Gallery for some of our completed work or, contact us to discuss your requirements and we will help you with the best solution.

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