Windscreen Reseal

Trust us to effectively Reseal your windcsreen or auto glass and re-install it with a guaranteed water and air tight seal. 


Car Windscreen Reseals.

Calibrated Autoglass can effectively reseal your leaking windscreen without the added costs of replacing the glass.

In most cases, a leaking windscreen comes back to the inexperience and poor workmanship from the previous person that performed the installation. When it comes to leaking car glass, its not the musky odour that damp carpets leave that really matters, most of your vehicles wiring, ECU modules and electrical components and computers are housed under the dashboard and in the side kick panels for protection. If water gets into these areas it could cause a catastrophic failure to your vehicle and could cost thousands of $$$ to have it rectified. 

At Calibrated Autoglass, we use advanced windscreen removal tooling which in most cases allows us to successfully remove the auto glass without further damaging and allows us to clean the faulty seal from under the glass, prepare the body work and reinstall the glass with a guaranteed water and air tight seal.


It takes as little as 1 hour to complete the process of a windscreen reseal and could potentially save you a lot of time & unnecessary costs if the water leaked into the wrong spot.

When you choose Calibrated Autoglass, you will be choosing an expert in auto glass, an IAME certified technician with over 23 years experience in automotive glass installations and reseals. Not only do we use OEM approved adhesives, our glass installations and processes are inline with the manufactures standards to maintain the key factors that rely on the bonding strength of the windscreen.  


Our high quality of workmanship will leave you with a hassle free experience and is covered by a  Lifetime Guarantee for your peace of mind.


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Our processes and experience makes us the clear choice in windscreen and auto glass replacements!

What our adhesive application looks like, air and water tight seals guaranteed for the life of the car.

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